Can My Lawyer Cash My Settlement Check?

You may be wondering, “Can my lawyer cash my settlement check?”. Your lawyer will deduct the attorney’s fees from your settlement check before cashing it. Then, he or she will pay off any liens or bills incurred by the plaintiff, such as medical bills or unpaid legal fees. Once those are paid, the remaining balance will be deposited into your personal bank account. Once the settlement check has cleared the court’s final approval process, the check will be available for you to cash

A release form is required to receive a settlement check. This legally binds the defendant to not pursue further legal action against the plaintiff. This is why most defendants will not give a settlement check without one. However, if you have another lawsuit, you do not have to stop pursuing it. You can always apply for a lawsuit loan instead. You may ask your lawyer how long he or she is holding onto your settlement check.

If you do not have a bank account, you can cash your settlement check through a business. Some businesses will cash settlement checks for a fee. A lawyer may offer a cash advance to get you the money you need before releasing the funds. However, you should ask your lawyer about this before signing anything. However, you must remember that your attorney cannot cash your settlement check unless you have provided a written authorization.

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