Hair Transplant Shedding After 1 Week

The first week after undergoing a hair transplantation procedure is one of the most crucial for the transplanted grafts to survive. Patients are advised to avoid touching the transplanted area for the first few days. They should also avoid sun exposure as it can affect the skin pigmentation and the transplanted hair. After the first week, patients can resume their regular activities. They can also start exercising and participating in sports. Although some hair shafts will shed after the hair transplantation process, they should not worry smihun.

The hair transplanted follicles are in a temporary shedding phase before they start to regenerate again. As a result, hair that has been transplanted will begin to shed after a week. This is completely normal. The transplanted hair will appear brittle and will fall out for a week or so. However, the shedding phase will subside as new hair follicles grow merdb.

Hair transplant patients must not use clippers or other hair-cutting tools for the first one to two weeks. In fact, it is best to avoid using any type of clipper for the first year after the procedure. However, if a patient is concerned about this, they can visit a clinic to discuss the procedure. During the first week after undergoing a hair transplant, they should only use scissors or trimmers on the transplanted area cartooncrazy.

After hair transplantation, the transplanted hair will undergo a shock loss process lactosas. After this period, it will grow back finer and shinier than normal. It will also start to grow in straighter and thicker. During this time, there will also be patchy regrowth of hair from the donor area. It will take about two to four months for the transplanted hair to become completely covered hiyak.

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