How to Make 15 Minute Meals Kid Friendly

Those with busy spring schedules will appreciate the fact that 15 minute meals don’t have to be complicated. With the following tips, you’ll be able to prepare a delicious family meal in just 15 minutes! And, while time is always a factor, this fast meal option is kid-friendly and healthy! To make your 15 minute meals kid-friendly, you can add extra ingredients and serve them for more variety! Let’s look at some examples.

One classic Chinese recipe is a family favorite year-round. The sweet and savory flavor paired with the hint of garlic makes this recipe a favorite. If you’re looking for a more adult spin on the mac and cheese classic, try the cheesy pasta shaped like a corkscrew. Or, you can try the easy pumpkin pasta. Just seven ingredients are needed to create this meal, and your family is sure to love it!

To make it more enticing, add chopped mushrooms, bell peppers, and melted butter. Saute the remaining fries for 2 minutes. Then pour beaten eggs over them, and cook on medium low for two minutes more. Slice the eggs into quarters and serve with chips. Add a vegetable of your choice. Chopped mushrooms and bell peppers work well as additions. Add your own touch to the dish!

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